You already know you live in a great community and you can see yourself living here for years to come. You love the specialty lattes at the coffee shop, are on a first name basis with the local vet and can’t imagine life without that honest mechanic it took years to find. You’re not leaving anytime soon, so why are you renting?

Benefits of Buying a Home


The Hassles of Renting

The benefits of owning a house far exceed the headaches associated with renting; for starters, that creepy landlord who’s always showing up on your doorstep for one reason or another. One day, he’s knocking on your door wanting access to your apartment because your neighbor’s garbage disposal needs to be fixed and before you know it, 5 maintenance men with muddy boots are tracking dirt across your kitchen so they can snake the sink. Your neighbor thought it was a good idea to put grease down the drain and now you have to deal with the consequences.

Shared Walls

If you’re currently renting or have rented an apartment unit in the past, you are well aware of the downsides of having shared walls. Most of us don’t care to know what music our neighbors listen to, nor do we want to have to listen to it ourselves. Especially at a time that is as inconvenient as when we’re trying to sleep or study. Music or TV at a volume even the deaf can hear is a common complaint amongst apartment dwellers. When owning a home instead of renting an apartment, not only is this much less likely to happen, but there are additional perks to ensuring financial stability in your future as well.

If your rental unit is upgraded with hardwood flooring, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If the choices in flooring, paint and hardware in your apartment are unfortunate, there’s not much you can do about it. One of the major reasons to buy a house versus rent is the control to do almost anything you want. Kitchen counters too low? Fix it. White walls bore you? Add some color!

As long as modifications don’t go against the HOA or break area building codes, feel free to add your own personal style and functionality. Never again will the decisions of your living space be in the hands of a landlord whose answer will most likely be NO.

Rent Increases

You have had a long day at work. You’re so happy to finally be walking up to your doorstep, all you can think about is how you’re going to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. That’s when you spot an envelope wedged in the door. It’s a notice of rent increase.

Not only does your landlord have the right to enter your apartment within 24 hours, your landlord also has the right to increase the cost of your living space at any time. For many of us, the last thing we want to come home to, is an unexpected notice of rent increase. Life is stressful enough as it is and living expenses are already high. Buying a home means knowing your monthly cost will never fluctuate and ensuring you’ll never have to come home to one of these depressing letters again.

After the frenzied period of multiple offers earlier in the year, this time of year you would have less competition from other buyers and your negotiation stance is stronger with a seller. Come Spring, more than likely, it will be once again that the sellers will have the upper hand. To learn more and see if owing a home fits with your plans and financial readiness, please give me a call or send me an email to arrange a private consultation.